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The best way to use Firestore

Are you ready to say goodbye to broken production, inconsistent documents, and hours of debugging?

Yeah? Then you're in the right place.


Typesaurus helps to secure your Firestore database with type safety and makes your data 100% consistent.

All document ids are types, so you’ll never mix up a user id with an account id.

It validates writes on type-level, preventing you from getting your documents into inconsistent states.


Thesaurus is a universal package that allows sharing the same code on the web, server, and even React Native¹.

It makes differences between environments invisible by default but will warn you when it’s essential.

1 - coming soon

Rich ecosystem

Typesaurus React provides first-class support for React, Preact, and Next.js.

Typesaurus Security makes writing Firestore security rules a breeze thanks to the powerful TypeScript DSL that provides type-safety and code reuse².

2 - coming soon

Firestore expert

Typesaurus built with Firestore quirks in mind and based on years of experience building doses of production apps.

Even if you don’t know all Firesore’s ins and outs, Typesaurus will help you avoid common pitfalls and make your code more robust.

Pleasure to use

Typesaurus API is carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Centralized schema allows easily to define, read and update your database structure.

Single-import principle minimizes the number of imports and makes your code more readable.

Want more?

Zero dependencies!

Typesaurus is JavaScript-native. It converts Firestore data types, i.e. timestamp, to native JS types, i.e. Date.

It’s build size-efficient and minimizes the code you have to ship to the client.